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          Professional Black Masterbatch Manufacturers Analyse the Reasons for the High Requirement of Plastic Products for Color Masterbatch


          With the promotion and popularization of "high-performance plastic materials" nowadays, the requirement of color masterbatch for plastic products is not only on the level of "coloring". Many plastic-related industries, according to their products themselves, also put forward corresponding requirements for color masterbatch, which makes the producers of Color Masterbatch according to market and application. A series of color masterbatches with multi-repetition function have been developed. That is to say, based on the function of plastic coloring, the product of Color Masterbatch should also provide plastic products such as "aging resistance", "heat resistance", "anti-bacterial", "enhancement" and other functional characteristics according to the application of plastic products. Following, according to the main additional functions provided by black masterbatch, we will classify and elaborate which industrial applications black masterbatch provides irreplaceable help in our real life.

          First, ultraviolet protection function automobile manufacturing: nowadays plastics have been widely used in automobile industry. The interior and exterior decorations of automobiles, such as the beautiful central console like piano paint, dumb leather-like dashboard, solid and energy-absorbing bumper, can not be separated from the contribution of black masterbatch. It not only provides the above automotive interior decorations with excellent color performance, but also as the most commonly used ultraviolet absorption material, it also uses the black masterbatch. This characteristic of its own serves as a protective umbrella for automotive plastic parts to prevent ultraviolet radiation from causing damage to these beautiful automotive parts. Pipes for urban construction and agricultural irrigation: Nowadays, the urban pipeline network reform and the national energy saving and emission reduction project for agricultural irrigation are also widely used industries. Such as municipal water supply pipe, gas supply pipe, and agricultural water-saving drip irrigation pipe in the western region. Colour masterbatches not only provide the pipes with colouring properties, but also provide functions such as ultraviolet protection, antioxidant protection and so on. A kind of

          Wire and Cable Industry: Color masterbatch is widely used in plastic sheath materials of high voltage overhead cables, communication cables and optical cables, which has the effect of anti-oxygen and anti-ultraviolet. A kind of

          Geotechnical Material: Colour masterbatch is also widely used in geotextile and geogrid industries for laying expressways, which can resist ultraviolet rays and increase the life of geotechnical materials. Chinese style

          2. Manufacture of electrostatic protection function electronic appliances: For microelectronics industry, the existence of static electricity is extremely harmful. It can break down capacitance and damage electronic circuit board. If improperly handled, it may even cause fire and other hidden dangers due to short circuit. We can use the conductivity of carbon black, the black masterbatch pigment, to fundamentally solve the problem of electrostatic hazards. For example, plastic pallets and conductive tapes used in electronic factories are produced by adding enough conductive black masterbatches to obtain the required electrostatic conductivity, thus protecting the safety of electronic components.

          Mine mining industry: Similarly, in the process of mine mining, the harm of static electricity is even greater. It is the main culprit of gas explosion. Therefore, many underground facilities are required to be conductive, but most of the plastic is non-conductive. By adding conductive black mother, these are not conductive. Conductive plastics have conductivity, which avoids the harm of static electricity and achieves the goal of safe production. Of course, in addition to the above applications, black mother has many other ways, for example, people use carbon black pigments excellent covering, in the plastic recycling process, add black mother to cover other colors, to achieve waste utilization and resource saving purposes. For example, people use the high light-resisting property of carbon black to produce milk film, which hinders the sunshine, achieves the function of pseudo-photolysis, protects milk and enables it to store longer.

          The application of black mother in plastic industry and its wide application are closely related to our life. With the development of China's plastic industry in recent years, the color masterbatch industry has also made gratifying achievements. At the same time, people gradually realize that it plays an important role in plastic processing as a supplementary material in a gluttonous feast.

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